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Is coffee a good first date

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Is coffee a good first date

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By Arielle Lana LeJarde November 8, I've been on more first dates than anyone I know, and that's definitely not something to brag about.

For instance, I know that there are huge differences between a simple coffee date and an activity date. If you don't like the guy, you can easily finish your coffee and say goodbye. It didn't waste much of your day, and you can move on with your ccoffee.

Chill dates like these are also a good way to get to know someone since you can ask your adte ice-breaker, "OK, so who are you? It's like a pre-date to see if you actually want to go on a real date. I would rather stay home and eat Hot Cheetos in my underwear than go on a lame non-date.

Or, maybe I'm just a masochist. I, coffee dates are boring, dinner dates are awkward and, hell no, I'm not drinking with a guy I barely know. In those situations, tensions are high, and it's impossible to be yourself in that kind of nerve-racking environment.

Activity Date: Cons Sometimes, activity dates can be too overwhelming. And if you do something like a scavenger hunt, it really doesn't give you the chance for some uninterrupted conversation.

Even though he had a long day at work, he still made sure to look up places that were easy for me to fisrt a train to, and he called ahead to reserve a table and make sure I could get in, since I was underage at the time. You don't have to pretend you DGAF all the time. In fact, going above and beyond is hot.

I didn't appreciate it as much at the time, but now, I realize guys don't normally do that kind of thing — ever. Because we were playing pool, I totally got to pull the "I suck at this! Please get behind me and teach I how to strike the ball" card. But whatever, guys, it was cute.

I would highly suggest a round of pool, but there are other things you can do that have the same effect: bowling, dancing, mini golfing or playing a sport. When I go on a date, I want to do things I don't normally do — things I would rather do with a guy than with a friend.